Antoinnette Chirinos

" When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind" - African Proverb

Earth Magick Immersion​

October 2020

Registration opens in July

Are you ready to explore and increase your psychic abilities? To tap into your inner self and remember how to use all the tools that will help you manifest your personal magick? 

If herbs, crystals, potions and angel tarot readings resonate with you,

this is the program for you!

Each month, we will explore plants and their association with each of our chakra centers. Whether you want to lead your own circles, add crystal healing to your sessions, give angel tarot readings to your friends and family, or perhaps get more knowledge about herbs and create your own potions, this eight month journey will do this and more for you. This promises to be a transformational journey that will activate your magick.

This is an investment into your personal & spiritual growth that will change you from the inside out.

If you are ready to dive into this journey, register and save your spot as space is limited. Registration form is available upon request.

We will meet one weekend a month (Sat & Sun). You will receive a “Earth Magick Practitioner” Certificate at the end of the program. Classes will be held at the Om Experience sacred space.

We volunteered to come here to help raise the frequency of our planet.

The time is now!

Syllabus available upon receiving completed registration form.

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