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Antoinnette Chirinos

Herbal Offerings, Energy Healing & Classes

Earth Magick Immersion​

October 2020

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The new earth is here...what it was, will never be...those old beliefs crumbling... allowing the good and vibrant beliefs to take over. Integrity, connection, oneness, letting our voice being heard and

fighting for what’s right.

What a better time to deepen our connection with Mother Earth and her gifts. Tapping into our psychic gifts and opening our consciousness. Learning about the physical and spiritual qualities of a plant while developing a relationship with their spirit.

"Earth Magick Immersion completely TRANSFORMED my life! I walked into this course not knowing what to expect, and in all honesty, what I was doing. I walked into this completely uncertain about how this journey would unfold, but surrendering and trusting that my Spirit Guides and The Divine had led me to Antoinnette for a reason. I remember feeling incompetent compared to my witchy sisters, who appeared to have so much more experience and knowledge than me. I remember holding my first deck of Angel Tarot Cards in my hands with so much love, awe and excitement. These were the first cards that I had ever owned and they were (&still are) sooo special to me! I was so nervous and lacked confidence as I was asked to do my first reading on one of my sisters. Antoinnette assured as that with time, these readings would become easier to do. & She did not disappoint! On our last weekend together, I remember not even needing to pull cards to feel and get the messages for my sister...tapping into the energy of others and channelling messages had become my second nature. Mind you I had always been an empath, but never to this extent. Before this course, I knew I was a lightwkrker, but I never imagined it would be to the magnitude that I have transformed into. This course inevitably amplified all of my gifts, power and confidence! I do not recognize the woman who first started this course. My soul remembered this medicine from the first time I sat in sacred circle, and sipped my cup of Nettles tea with Antoinnette. I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with a woman I admire, respect and love so much! Antoinnette is a natural teacher and healer! You can completely tell she devotes all of her love and passion into everything she does, especially this course. Every course was so intentional, so magical. Literally there was no single class I was bored in or did not enjoy. EVERY SINGLE CLASS was absolutely fascinating! She makes you feel completely safe, seen, heard and loved! CommUNITY is healing....when women come together, MAGICAL & POWERFUL things happen! Trust your intuition, follow your heart. I guarantee your old self will be unrecognizable. I am eternally grateful I took the leap of faith despite being uncertain and nervous about it. I am the woman I am today, thanks to the beautiful guidance and support Antoinnette and this course provided me. As women we naturally give to others constantly, it is time to give to yourself. Listen to your call. The New Earth is here, we need you!"

Paloma Del Prado - Social Worker, Green Witch & Curandera

"Antoinnette’s Earth Magick Immersion is a safe and sacred container to learn and grow in. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is curious to deepen their relationship with plants (and their healing properties), herbs, angel card readings, crystals, ritual practices and Mother Earth’s Magick.

In our 8 months together as a group we formed deep bonds with one another as we got the time to watch each other evolve and transform. Antoinnette’s guidance is medicine to my soul! And the sisterhood created in the group was so supportive and powerful. I am beyond grateful for our time together and look forward to connecting and mentoring this new group coming forward to expand themselves and their healing toolbox!"

Olivia Hughes - Reiki Master & Green Witch 

Co - Founder of the Om Experience & Yoga at the Park

"Earth Magick Immersion is incredible!

Antoinnette shares her personal practices, power and Earth wisdom to encourage you to go within to remember your own Magick! During this immersion, we journeyed with a variety of plants as we journeyed through our personal lives, learning how the plants support us in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways. We forged deep bonds and lasting relationships with one another, the plants, crystals, Mother Earth, our ancestors and guides...but, most importantly, ourselves. She created such a safe, supportive, sacred space for us to rediscover ancient ways, trust our inner authority, and powerfully embrace those practices, making them relevant to our lives today".

Julie Johnston - Reiki Master, Green Witch, Teacher & Sound Healer

Come journey into the the world of Earth Magick: Practice rituals, learn the association of our chakras with the plants, how to read the Angel tarot, create potions, and work with crystals. Remembering and discovering how to use these tools that our ancestors and we, used in past lives.

As your connection with Mother Earth grows, you will heal any wounds and shed those layers that don’t serve you anymore. You will release past emotional feelings that are holding you back to be the best version of you. Welcoming healing though nourishment and unconditional love.

This is more than a program, it’s a sacred community where you’ll embrace your Magick and strengthen your gifts. I have witnessed beautiful transformations and healing through it.

This is an investment in your personal and spiritual growth.

Own your Magick! 

Classes will be held in a beautiful private home in La Jolla.

We will meet one weekend a month (Sat & Sun), 2-6pm. 

Oct 17 - 18, Nov 14- 15, Dec 12- 13, Jan 9-10, Feb 6-7, March 13-14, April 10-11 & May 1-2

Registration forms are available upon request.

Syllabus available upon receiving completed registration form.

Earth Magick Immersion Program total investment  $1,500 (monthly installments $1780)

Early Bird $1200 (paid in full by August 21st 2020)

Registration for this eight month program requires a $300 non-refundable deposit

 that is applied towards the fees of the program. 

We have two available payment plans; monthly or in three installments:

Monthly Installments of $185.00 a month 

3 Installments Plan of $400 

We volunteered to come here to help raise the frequency of our planet.

The time is now!

To request your registration form or for more information about the program;

email me, using the button below.