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Antoinnette Chirinos

Herbal Offerings, Energy Healing & Classes

“What is healing? Healing is the state of coming into balance and harmony with our highest purpose."

-Stephen Halpern

Sessions are done through meditation and prayer under the guidance of the Arcturians of the light and the protection of Archangel Michael


1 hour $140

3 session package $375

Whether it is disharmony, imbalance or starting on the path to awareness, this session will bring you back to balance and give you the clarity you need

for your next step into your journey.

Energetic adjustments will be done to move the body and Chakras back into balance, resetting your frequency. Sessions include reading the energy of the client and where the client can ask questions about any doubts they might have in their life. Each session is closed with a "Limpia," a Peruvian spiritual cleansing of your Aura and body that utilizes flowers, an egg,* prayers and smoke. A "Limpia" clears trauma, fears and different energies that may cause disharmony and imbalance. You will leave the session feeling lighter and peaceful. To deepen the healing process, the use of an Alchemy Crystal Bowl will also be incorporated into this beautiful, hour-long treatment.

Awakening is a process and can be challenging at the beginning as we start to incorporate it into our daily lives. Relationships, commitments, work and illness can all impact the speed and depth of this awakening. Realize that the old has to go in order for the new to be born.

“The Awaken”

1 ½ hour $165

3 session package $450

This session focuses on supporting you through your awakening process. Things are different at this time of your journey; your perception in life has changed. What made sense before doesn’t make sense any longer. You are taking a leap of faith being guided by your intuition and are ready for the next step. This session has been created to help you remember your mission on earth; an activation session to align you with the pathways of the universe and to connect you with your inner self. This will bring you clarity and rid yourself of any blocks that are not part of your journey.

This session includes a guided meditation, clearing of old beliefs and downloading new ones along with the opening and alignment of your psychic centers. I use palo santo smoke and flowers or herbs during the session as well as an Alchemy Crystal Bowl.

Long Distance Healing

1 hour: $140.00

Sessions are done via Skype from the comfort of your own home.

We will do a mini consultation, scan your energy & address the issues that come forth.

Remote healing* is also available.

*Remote healing is done through the sending healing energy to the individual without any interaction during the session.

E-Gift Cards Available for all services

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Angel Card Reading

$50.00 in person for 35 minutes

In person readings available on Wednesdays only*. Skype readings available anytime. *In person appointments booked on any other day than Wednesday, will be rescheduled to the next available Wednesday.

$25.00 per question via Email*

You will get an email explaining the spread and the messages received relating to your question. An image of the card spread will also be attached to the email. *Please allow 48 hours after payment is received for response.

Photos by : Melodee Solomon