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Antoinnette Chirinos

Herbal Offerings, Energy Healing & Classes


Due our current events, this class will take

place online.

Nex Sound Healing, will be announce soon!

Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

These set plays 528HZ, the healing frequency, the Miracle tone.

Assists in DNA repair and alignmnet of the mind, body and soul.

Connection to heavens and earth. 

Ancentral wisdom and cosmic connection.

Grandmother, Rose Quartz,  Imperial Topaz, Smokey Quartz & Moldavite with Aqua Aura Gold

  • Grandmother: Embrace your soul’s ageless feminine wisdom and the spiraling DNA of creation. Grandmother will align you with Dreamtime Magick and connect you to your female lineage.
  • Rose Quartz: Love activation. Encourages inner harmony. Opens the heart center, relieves tension, heals the esthetic fields and aligns the chakras. Because this bowl plays on a F+ key; it also works on our thymus gland.
  • Imperial Topaz: a precious gemstone. The golden ray of manifestation. The tuning of one’s desires and creativity. It has a potent calming effect on the adrenals. Keeping one’s focus on their highest vision.
  • Smokey Quartz: promotes positive mental and spiritual thinking and the art of staying grounded and balanced. This bowl works the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras for creativity and planting one’s roots in the rich soil of the Earth. Smokey Quartz connects you with your male lineage.
  • Moldavite with Aqua Aura Gold: Star bridge and  connection to the cosmos. Healing portals to higher conciousness. A true crystalline bridge to the stars, helping you remove judgments from this or past life.  Helps relieve depression and lifts spirit. Alignment activator, due to the 24K gold, which deeply entrains the auric filed for shifting, cleansing and activating the upper chakras.